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Our Services

We provide counseling for all nutrition-related issues, including clinical/critical care, wellness and weight loss, and sports nutrition.

Clinical/Critical Care
Most of our patients are referred by their physician for the treatment of diseases and ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, cancer, AIDS, prenatal complications, gastrointestinal disease and eating disorders. Our clinical nutritionists are experts in pediatric, adult and geriatric Medical Nutrition Therapy, and we work closely with your physician to ensure a coordinated treatment regimen.

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Wellness and Weight Loss
It seems every day we hear about the poor state of Americans' weight and the latest celebrity diet to address it. From years of experience, we know that healthy eating requires nutrition knowledge, and we strive to educate our patients on their nutritional requirements, daily caloric intake, activity level -- all with an eye toward their individual goals.

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Sports Nutrition
Athletes have unique nutritional requirements as a basis to enduring success. We work with athletes of all abilities to design an effective individualized program to obtain optimal performance, and to avoid injury and general fatigue. As you prepare for your next marathon, Ironman or century ride, let Shannan Carter Nutrition design your nutritional strategy for both training and race day.

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Metabolism Testing
The number of calories you burn at rest is a function of your body's metabolism, and can account for 75% of the total number of calories we burn during a normal day. Therefore, knowing your individual metabolism is the key to understanding your body's unique nutritional requirements. At Shannan Carter Nutrition, we can scientifically measure your metabolism to determine your metabolic fingerprint.

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Personal Shopping Tours
By providing you with a personalized shopping tour, Shannan Carter Nutrition will take the guesswork out of your grocery shopping. We will help you interpret food labels and in the process, separate facts from fads.

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Corporate Nutrition Programs
We conduct employee wellness programs for companies in the New York City area, focusing on easy-to-understand nutrition information.  Healthy employees can improve both their physical and mental well-being, thereby reducing health-related absenteeism and increasing productivity.  These services usually involve an employee nutrition campaign and on-site employee counseling in one-on-one and/or group sessions.

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